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    Comparison of the best antivirus programs of 2013
    10–9 8–6 5–4 3–2 1–0
    Excellent Good Average Poor Poor

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    Norton Antivirus 10

    Antivirus F-Secure

    Data Antivirus
    Antivirus BullGuard

    Antivirus AVG

    Avast! Professional antivirus

    Antivirus Trend Micro Titanium+

    Antivirus VIPRE

    Bitdefender Kaspersky Antivirus Plus Virus

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    Lowest Price

    Overall rating Opportunities Help and support 10 9 8 7 6 five 5 3 2 1





    $29.95in the USA






    Percentage of employees who purchase a Windows 7 Performance product
    Protection Rating Repair Rating Usability Rating

    100% 100% 83%

    92% 75% 83%
    92% 75% 83%
    100% 83% 75%

    100% 67% 75%
    83% 58% 75%

    75% 58% 75%

    83% 67% 83%
    100% 67% 75%
    58% 75% 67%
    Malware protection Browser exploit protection Virus protection Trojan protection Spyware protection Worms protection Rootkit protection Phishing protection Secure network Email scanning Rescue boot from CD


    On-demand scanning Automatic cleaning of infected files Scanning compressed files Quarantining infected files Instant messaging protection Recording Startup protection Game mode Auto-detect USB

    Supported Configurations
    Windows 8.Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

    Help & Support
    Email supportEmail and phone chat

    The best antivirus software test
    Like 8.5 thousand


    Why buy antivirus software?
    Cheetahs and gazelles have evolved along with an increasing number of weapons, comparable to the co-evolution of pirates and their prey. Cheetahs and gazelles must run faster and faster. As the underground prepares to attack your laptop more effectively, leading antivirus marketers continue to improve market protection for you. The race between identity thieves and their brands may never end. If you decide not to participate for the entire race, the cheetahs will catch up to you and your family. You don’t want to think about it, so read our IT security articles to find out how to choose the best product on the market for you. According to our research, most of us recommend these three products: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Antivirus, and Norton AntiVirus. Although Microsoft maintains native Windows security features, Microsoft has said that it often does so only to increase the minimum level of protection for customers, Who will never choose third party antivirus software. Unfortunately, PC users who trust the built-in security applications of Windows will be the first to fall victim to the evolution of malware. You don’t have to be one of them. 2013
    Norton 1) $42 off
    Buy, upgrade or update Norton! $42 off Norton with Coupon 2013. What’s the best antivirus? See winner type and other tips. Download Google Chrome The free browser we should give you more of what you should love on the web, antivirus software: what to look out for
    Antivirus software prevents malware from entering your netbook system. If security software does a poor job of preventing attacks, it follows that it must detect and remove any malware that infiltrates rights. When you start scanning all types of malware and all possible infiltration steps, it quickly becomes quite complex and confusing. You can simplify bybuying antivirus protection by asking a few key questions. How does antivirus software perform in third-party tests? What features does it have that are related to my needs? Does it provide support most of the time when I need it? To get answers, let’s discuss these types of questions one by one. Performance The best way to test manufacturers’ opinions on performance is to see how reading and learning products perform in dependency-free tests in labs. One of the leading PC researchers is AV-Test with laboratories all over Germany. AV-Test is highly trusted in the industry. AV-Test’s medical labs have two dozen servers connected to 280 workstations where technicians simulate the test environment and perform analysis. They have over 50 million malicious test data. With each day of use, the collection is replenished with 55,000 creative malicious elements. AV-Test, a suite of tests that measures the security, recovery, and usability components of softwaresecurity. AV-Test results are the objective criteria by which we evaluate the best malware. Features You can usually rely on antivirus software that is easy to install and use. It’s a good idea to schedule your tests for times when you don’t need to use the netbook to avoid slowdowns caused by application resource usage requirements. Antivirus software should protect you from adware and spyware intrusions, whether they try to infiltrate your computer through a web browser, email, instant messaging, or removable media. No software is perfect for security. If your PC is threatened, your antivirus software can protect you by detecting and disabling the intruder.

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    Help and Support When looking for help and support, ask yourself if people need 24/7 access to program support, if they canget by with fewer hours or whether they can get by with fewer hours. Some Services are provided via email. If you and your family need phone support, take our advice and find out if your provider has it before you buy. Usually, the arms race between law-abiding PC users and pure-blooded hacker gangs escalates every night. These hackers are rethinking all the methods of the time. The best antivirus software manufacturers give you the opportunity to keep your bank accounts private and thus protect your identity.

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