Why Is The User Denied Access To The Domino Diiop Server And How To Fix It

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have been denied access to the domino Diiop server.

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    [“Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU055”, “Label”: “Cognitive Applications”, “Product”: “Code”: “SSKTMJ”, “Label”: “Lotus Domino”, “Component”: ” » ,”ARM Category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”Label”:”Platform”,”Independent”],”Version”:”8.5.2″,”Release”: ” “,” Company string”:”code”:””,”label”:””]

    APAR Status

  • Closed, So Fix It Next Time.

  • Error Description

  • IIOP port is rejected when there are multiple network documentsexists.When an iiop connection is initiated through the client, the application shouldan error occurs. "NotesException: Server access denied"This issue occurs in the following environment.- Has only the server's IP address.- The server has a large number of Server1 FQDNs (for example: .test.com andserver1.hoge.net).Steps to be repeated.--------------------1. Activate "Web Site Document" for the server document."Main tabs" - "Download Internet configurations fromServerInternet Documents:"2 pages. Two form site documents and one specific iiop site document.(For example)- place 1Name of the descriptive documentName of this site: ExternalOrganization: org1 (same as Domino organization)Host stars or addresses linked to these pages: notes.test.co.jp-Website Document 2Descriptive opening for this site: InternOrganization: org2Host groups or addresses associated with this website: .hoge.net- IIOP site documentDescriptive name in relation to this site: ExternalIIOPOrganization: org1Hostnames and addresses associated with the site: notes.test.co.jp3. Start the IIOP application and log in, which may be from the Domino IIOP server.--Code example can be here--import lotus.domino.*;public class iioptest Basic static empty hand (String args[]) To attempt  session with =  NotesFactory.createSession(args[0],args[1],args[2]);  System.out.println(s.getCommonUserName());   (except fish for e)  e.printStackTrace();   4. Error "NotesException: Access to the server is denied".--------------------
  • Local Solution

  • domino diiop server access denied to user
    Mapping a range of IP addresses to the operating system in.Bindand points the port to an IP address.
  • Short Description Of The Problem

  • This closed APAR is available as FIN. We postponed the fix - eh future release.
  • Closing The Issue

  • Workaround

  • Comments

  • This APAR is always associated with STAA8EB9SQ spr#.APAR.this has always been closed as FIN. We have moved the fix to long release.
  • APAR Information

  • The

    APAR Is Passed In One Or More Of The Following Ways:

  • APAR Literally Sysrouted TO Or One Of The Following:

  • Correct Information

    Applicable Component Levels

  • R852PSN


  • APAR Number

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  • LO58732

  • Name Of The Reported Component

    domino diiop server access denied to user


  • Part ID Passed


  • Reported Version


  • Status


  • EP



    Not HIPER

  • Special Attention

    Don’t show

  • Date Posted

    February 22, 2011

  • Closing Date


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  • Eddie Hartmann


    Jul 07, 2009 00:41:127/7/09


    If you try to view .NSF files with this error message @

    this means you are not providing HTTP-enabled file browsing.

    You do this specifically in the Domno Server document featured in the logs
    under Internet R5 Basics.

    Save all changes when restarting the Domino server, don’t forget to shut it down 🙂




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