How Do You Deal With Error 12017 N8

Here are a few simple steps that should help resolve the 12017 n8 error.

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    Here is a detailed guide posted by Nokia to help those who are having difficulty installing the Symbian Anna update on the Nokia N8. I’m pretty sure Anna is partially connected to my N8 and I’m trying to figure out what I should do better. Good luck to everyone, leave feedback about your problems

  • FA136052: Why can’t I see any anna symbian client software update packages on our own phone?
  • 1) Symbian Anna is not yet released for your country, so the update is not yet available.

    2) Symbian Anna is available in your country, but you are using it

    error 12017 n8

    a) product code returned to the operator who has not yet authorized the update

    Incredible product code that definitely belongs to a country that hasn’t released a promotion yet

    3) You have checked the software progress in the last 24 hours and your new phone does not show any new updates available because it only connects to the server every 24 hours and the rest of the time it just monitors its storage. To clear the cache, tap the clock on full screen homeon your phone screen and use your phone to change the date and time to the next day (via settings). For example, if today’s companion is November 6th, set that date to November 7th. this would probably make existing updates visible.

  • FA136053: Why do I see non-custom Symbian Anna updates in OviSuite?
  • 1) Symbian Anna is not yet released for your US, so the updates are not sold yet.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • 2) Symbian Anna was in your country, but you are already using it

    a) a product code associated with an operator who has not necessarily checked out the update

    A brand new product code related to a batch whose revision has not yet been published

    3) You have checked for system software updates in the last 24 hours. OviSuite doesn’t show any new updates available because it only connects to the server every 24 hours and only checks its cache the rest of the time. Updates available after 24 hours are visible – or try updating with your phone’s client update (via WLAN).

  • FA135977: Why can’t I see Anna, symbian whenabout what updated your phone call with the new software update client?
  • For some product codes / phone variants, when updating via OTA (over the air), it is not enough to directly update from the existing version of the application to Symbian Anna, if another software version for this phone variant was included in the integration, software old and Anna. In this case, when using OTA, the intermediate versions of the software must first be installed accurately.

    If you are using ovi or the nokia Updater (NSU) software, all mods from Symbian Anna compatible phones can be updated directly to Symbian Anna.

  • FA136073: Why can’t I download Symbian Anna application packages (installation failed)?
  • Most likely the reason for this is a big problem with the existing QT files on a personal phone. Please try the following solution:

    A) 1 – especially if “Nokia bubbles” appear during the call

    – When installing the above QT files, you MUST consider the following:

    *Installation must be configured on drive C: specific thosephone. If you accidentally select the E: drive, you can cancel and reinstall the installation. After the installation of E: is complete, you will be prompted to reinstall and again select the C: drive to install.

    *The installation sequence must always be followed. First, it must be on qt (QtSA4.7.301.sisx).

    – Open the software replacement client on your phone by selecting Menu > Applications (Tools > >) Software Update


    – Select the Symbian Anna update packages to display and run the update in

    – Launch the file manager on your contact (usually located: menu Applications -> -> Office -> File Man.Choose Options )

    – -> Search -> E: Group reminder -> Root folder

    – text: “Search box” 2x “*.sisx” (no quotes) and select “Search”.

    – Many sisx files starting with “tmp” are displayed. Example: TMP3efa4.sisx.

    error 12017 n8

    – Now make a decision. Options -> Mark multiple entries. tick Now all six and run “TMP”. After

    – Once you’ve marked them, select “Options” -> “Delete” and delete them all.

    – Now touch the clock theme on the home screen and you will changeSet your phone’s event for the next setting date) (via. For example, if the current date is November 6, set the date to November 7. This is to clear the software update cache and display the new settings.

    – You select the Symbian Anna application packages to display and run some updates

  • FA135984: Why did I lose Quickoffice and Adobe PDF after downloading installed reader and Symbian Anna?
  • It is important that you download not only the operating system, but also the registry packages for Symbian Anna. They are also available via ovi Suite update das or Overgas (depending on country and operator). The package, called Symbian Anna 1/2, includes Quickoffice as well as a PDF reader. Symbian Anna 2/2 includes other important service updates. We strongly recommend that you update everything you can find in Ovi Suite or the software update client.

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