Recovery Steps To Disable Skydrive In Windows 8

It seems that some of our users have encountered a known error code when disabling Skydrive in Windows 8. This issue occurs due to several factors. Let’s look at them now.

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    Under Local Computer Policies, navigate to Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsSkyDrive, then double-click the entry “Prevent storage from using files as SkyDrive” on the right. Select Enabled, then click OK.


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    SkyDrive (soon to be renamed OneDrive) is tightly integrated into Windows 8.1 and is the default place to store photos, documents, and more. But just about every Windows user wouldn’t want you to have to use SkyDrive storage for apps, especially if they were happy with other cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Or maybe you don’t want to store your data in the cloud at all and opt for a hard drive, an external NAS, or a home server. Disable.

    Remove SkyDrive In Windows 8.1

    How do I remove SkyDrive EXE?

    Step 1: Click the “Start” button at the bottom left corner of the screen, then click “Control Panel”. Step b: Click the blue “Schedule” link in the “Uninstall programs” section of the window. Step 3: Scroll through the list of programs until you find the Microsoft SkyDrive option, now click it once to select the problem.

    To completely remove it from the entire system, you can disable it using Group Policy.

    Note. Group Local Policy is only available in the Pro version of Windows 8.1

    On your keyboard, press the + windows r key to open the Run dialog and the gpedit.msc option, then click the Group Policy Editor to launch Local Run.

    Then go to Computer ConfigurationWindows TemplatesAdministrative SkyDriveFeatures. In the first pane on the right, double-click Prevent SkyDrive from being used for file storage.

    On the next screen, select Enabled and also click OK, Save to and close the Group Policy setting. If this

    You will then see that SkyDrive has almost certainly disappeared from File Explorer. Y, if it remains, restart it, it should disappear as well.

    And it’s an inappropriate interface for a modern user. The tiles are still there, but they still come off easily – there’s just no access to help you drive. Do

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  • they also can’t help you accessconfigurations.

    If you want to always see what’s in your SkyDrive folder, you can right-click on an empty space on the left Explorer panel, remembering to check the “Show all folders” box.

    This course doesn’t completely remove SkyDrive from the base system, but it does make it less accessible and harder to choose from in today’s side missions.

    how to disable skydrive in windows 8

    You may not want to take SkyDrive out of the equation entirely, and here are a few articles explaining the refactoring of various aspects of SkyDrive on Windows:

  • Delete synced SkyDrive data
  • Stop from syncing Office 2013 documents
  • Save Office documents so they’re on your computer by default (not SkyDrive)
  • I personally love SkyDrive and am completely happy with how Microsoft has integrated it into Office 2013 and 365, as well as other mobile tools like Android and iOS. But if there are no clients, you can loosen up and use Dropbox or almost any other solution.

    <element><meta content="2015-05-14T08:23:35Z" itemprop="dateModified"><meta content="" alt="Like itemprop="mainEntityOfPage"><title><img onerror="this.src=''" remove SkyDrive for Windows 8.1: disable the same as removing SkyDrive from File Explorer"><figcaption>How to remove SkyDrive from 8 windows.1: Disable and remove SkyDrive from File Explorer</figcaption>

    How do I disable OneDrive Windows 8?

    Open the charms bar (Windows key I)Click + Change to PC settings.OneDriveFind and select Sync Settings.Disable your final sync settings on this PC.In the storage settings for files on this PC, uncheck Save documents to OneDrive by default.


    Windows Update 8.1 has been a bit of a bummer, one thing that has been noted is SkyDrive’s tighter integration with the Windows operating system. Which is often good if you use skydrive though, it’s great if you don’t or just don’t want the process to take up space on your laptop or PC. Here we will show you how to uninstall Windows skydrive 8.1. See all And Windows procedure guides.


    and SkyDrive uninstalling from File Explorer in Windows 8.1 is almost certainly tricky because you don’t have to just go to the control panel to uninstall the program as well. Instead, you need to type “Run” and open the Group Policy Editor. But fear not, although even this may seem difficult for those who are not a chemist, it is actually quite easy if you follow the steps below, SkyDrive will disableWindows 8.1 in no time. See also: (See Recover deleted files for free: about recovering lost data.

    How To Use SkyDrive )

    From Windows 8. Remove 1 And Remove: Step

    The first thing customers need to do is open the hacking feature windows. To do this, just automatically press the Win + R keys. From there you need to sort gpedit.msc and press OK to launch the group policy editor.

    How To Remove And Deactivate Windows 8.1 From SkyDrive: Second Step

    how to disable skydrive in windows 8

    Now that you’re in the Group Policy Editor, Administrator, you need to dig into Components Templates > Windows > SkyDrive in the left column of the guide.

    How do I access Microsoft SkyDrive?

    To Microsoft offers access to SkyDrive through any internet browser. If you need files, go to your computer, visit the SkyDrive website, and sign in with your Microsoft account creator and password. The SkyDrive website, which has great control over the transfer of music between yours and your computer fog.

    After you create this, you will need to revisit the option labeled This particular prevents SkyDrive from being used as start storage.

    How To Uninstall And Uninstall For Skydrive Windows 8.1: Step Three

    Can I delete SkyDrive folder?

    Unfortunately, in the Libraries and Favorites section of the general navigation bar, the SkyDrive folder cannot be deleted or disabled with a single click. You need to edit the Windows registry to remove the folder SkyDrive.

    Now that you have entered all the settings for your Il SkyDrive, you just need to check the “Verification is enabled” box and click “OK”.


    You did it. For these settings to take effect,Well, you need to reopen and close all currently open Explorer windows.

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