How To Troubleshoot Microsoft SMS WMI Easily

If you receive a microsoft SMS WMI troubleshooting error message on your computer, check out these recovery methods.

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    WMI is definitely a Windows management tool, Acronis uses its overall performance on Windows machines to help and recommend drives, systems and services. WMI errors indicate that Acronis Agent tried to execute a query using WMI tools, and the WMI tools that will process them failed.

    Here’s how to troubleshoot an upgraded or existing SMS Playstation Admin to identifywonder why he can’t access the site’s server. at:

    Applies to Windows 10 – all editions, Windows Server 2012 R2
    Original KB number: You 317872


    If you continue to use SMS and try to connect to the site server, you may receive a persistent “connection failed” message. These particular hosts may not be displayed on a subsequent connection. In addition, errors may be logged in the AdminUI.log file on the server that may look very similar to the following:

    What is SMS provider in SCCM?

    Actually the SMS Provider (Windows is the wmi-company management toolkit) that allocates read/write connections to the local Configuration Manager database. At least one SMS provider is required for each primary site and case. You can install expertise if you need more.

    Error: Possible UI Migration Error Code: Block -2147023174>

    Error: [0x800706ba]

    Error: possible user interface login error code: -2147217394

    Error: Possible UI connection error scope code: -2147217389[0x80041013] GetProviderVersion application failed! The GetProviderVersion function returns an empty ProviderVersion string. Failed to call wbem: T_WbemSyncEnumToContainer_Core, return code: H -2147217389 failed to get ProviderVersion. SiteCode – Version: server site name. Could not establish a specific connection with this provider. Error code: -2147217389

    Error (ConnectServer): Probable UI connection error code: -2147024891

    Error: Possible UI login error code is now -2147024891 [0x80070005]


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    Get Sms To Grant Access To The Admin Console

    In order to access the local or remote administration console of the SMS Desktop Help, users must become members of the Nearby SMS Admins group. The SMS Admins group must be explicitly granted the “Enable Account” and “Enable RemoteSMS Root Directory” rights in the namespace. The SMS Admins group offers its members access to the SMS provider via WMI. Add users to the new SMS Administrators group if they want accessto the administrator control unit but sms must not be local local administrators. If you want to otherwise use a local group to grant access to the SMS Admin console, you must also grant that local group or domain demographic local group the same WMI permission as this SMS Admins group. Follow these steps to access the global sms admin console:

    1. Create a group to make a domain containing users into people who need specific access to the SMS Admin console.

    2. Add this group or globally to an explicit domain user account to make it the local SMS Administrators group.

    3. Set up some SMS permissions for the global group you created.


    4. To use this approach, you must be an administrator, but have full permissions for each site.
    5. If you can mount the directory, but the nodes are not listed, check for SMS permission granted to all or all defsFor shared users, in the Security node of the SMS Admin Console. For example, find out if a Collections node, a Maps node, or similar nodes display almost any content.

    The permissions you grant depend on the functions that this global group member must perform. To grant permissions, right-click on the “Security Privileges” node in SMS, select “All Tasks” and select “Manage SMS” by Users to launch the Security Wizard.

  • Use the wizard to add, remove, or even change group and user security settings.

  • Troubleshooting SMS Admin Console Connection

    How do you troubleshoot WMI?

    Verify that the Windows Management Service Toolkit is running. Try rebooting the system. For Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server Download 2003 and run the WMI diagnostic utility. Windows For Vista, Server 2008, but Windows 7, run winmgmt /verifyrepository to check for unexpected errors.Aria-label=”Contents

    If you are testing the remote administration console in the sms lab, make sure the next console has the latest taletid service pack applied. If a service pack has been applied less than that, an error similar to the following is logged in the AdminUI.log file:

    microsoft sms wmi troubleshooting

    CLASS_SMS_ContextMethods, METHOD_GetContextHandle! Failed to customize the report. Error Code: -2147217407 Program RunTo install from the list of updates, determine if the SMS Console Administrator is the only component that normally requires an update.

  • Does the SMS instruction server expire on Microsoft Server Windows 2002 Service Pack (SP1)?

    microsoft sms wmi troubleshooting

    In 1 Server Windows 2003 SP1, a newer local group is created called Distributed COM Users. Resolve a connection issue in Windows Server 2003 SP1 by adding the users trying to connect remotely to the local to the Distributed COM Users group in the sms admin console.

  • Is the male user part of a global group that is considered a member of the SMS Admins group, or is the user explicitly defined in the SMS Admins group?

    The SMS Admins group is created when the SMS site is installed. If each site is installed on the player server, the SMS Admins group is definitely a local group in the Security Account Manager (SAM).SMS Administrators is a trusted local group. in the domain. The user must belong to the SMS Administrators group because this group has permissions to code and sms the SMS_site namespace in the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) library when the SMS site is created.

  • Has this server ever sent SMS?

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  • If a specific SMS was already installed on the server, there may currently be multiple site IDs in the SMS_ProviderLocation class located in the site server’s SMS namespace. Delete all websites whose code no longer exists on the website. You can use the wbemtest tool to view the SMS_ProverLocation class.

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