Troubleshooting And Fixing Pcl Xl Error On Network Printer

You need to check out these fixing tips if you are getting pcl xl error in network printer error code on your computer.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • PCL XL errors occur because when you install the .NET Framework 3.0, theA new version of Unidrv.dll is being downloaded (6.0.5824.16384).

    Check if PCL XL errors are fixed. If not, go to the next step.

    Changing some environments in the P2050 PCL 6 operator may reduce issues with XL-PCL. The first recommendation is to change the print data to optimize text and vectors.

    If this is followed by PCL XL errors, change TrueType font loading to While Softfont and send TrueType seeing that this bitmap is included.

    Fixed PCL xl error monitor. If not, consider the following steps.

    Most PCL XL crashes can be resolved by following the steps above. The following additional steps have already been tested on real client examples and are recommended when necessary.

    How do I fix PCL XL error Illegalattributevalue?

    This error mostly occurs when you need to display so many folders and the driver is unable to display them correctly. If the error is not related to PDF files, an additional reason may be the postal operator. You can fix this error by changing the PS driver.

    For a printer connected via USB, first make sure all USB cables are of good quality and preferably less than two meters in length.

    Second, reduce the print quality to (resolution) 600 dpi as shown below.

    Finally, change the driver. The new recommended driver is the Universal Printed PostScript Driver. The client must do this
    pcl xl error on network printer

    The PCL XL error is commonly associated with HP LaserJet photo printers. The error occurs when multiple pages of a document are sent to the printer’s print queue. Printer screens display this message when one of our printer drivers is outdated, possibly corrupted by operating system (OS) ads or conflicting third-party software built into the computer. HP has mentioned an issue with many of their printer drivers showing a PCL XL error. They provided updated programs that you can purchase and install for free on your current computer.

    How To Fix XL PCL Error

    How do I fix a PCL XL error on my printer?

    Right-click the inkjet printer with the PCL XL error and select Printing Preferences. Click on the “Advanced” tab. Change the TrueType Font to “Download as Soft Font” and set “Send TrueType as Bitmap” to “On”. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

    Step 1: Log in to your PC with an administrator account to update the operating system and inkjet printer driver.

    How do I fix PCL XL error warning Illegalmediasource?

    Answer: Please reinstall the printer driver or try to help you print on a different printer. If these errors persist, see How to successfully resolve a printer problem (BB322).

    Step 2: Run the Windows Microsoft Update utility on this computer. To do this, click “Start”, “Settings” and “Control Panel”. Double-click the Windows Update application icon. Run the redesign feature to ensure that the web is running the latest version of Windows, an operating system that is frequently

    Step 3: Go to the HP website (or another manufacturer’s website if it’s not a genuine HP printer) and use the browse function to find an updated driver for your printer model. >

    Step 4: Download the updated printer driver. After capturing the file, double click on it to start the driver update process. Depending on the copy of Windows installed on the computer, the user may be required to submit an operating system authorization to run the program or enter the username and password of the computer’s administrator.

    Step 5: After installing the update driver, restart your computer and all PCL XL errors will be fixed.


    This will be provided each time you submit multiple petitions for printing. There is a task for the malfunction of the owner of the printer. And sometimes most of the errors also occurred when printing these parameters. Here are some of the fixes that helped users fix the PCL XL error. Justreview the list of restrictions before starting the printer, you don’t have to review them all.

  • Change the names of the files that point to your printer
  • Check the printer driver.
  • Update print settings
  • Change The Names Of Files That The Experts Think Point To Your Printer

    pcl xl error on network printer

    This process works like a gimmick and saves your printer. Ideally, it can solve your XL PCL problem. In addition to these paths follow

  • Open File Explorer on your computer.
  • Go to C:WindowsSystem32spooldriversd3
  • Filter the file type and extension .gpd in this directory by clicking the next arrow.
  • Select the GPD file.
  • Rename most of these documents with a .gpd extension so they are complete. Before changing most of this data, it is recommended to perform a restore first.
  • Try saving your changes and restarting your company desktop.
  • Try printing again, see PCL XL error pop-up. If the error does not persist, beware. You can even try most of the other alternatives
  • Check The Printer Driver

    A faulty and even broken printer driver on your washing machine causes an error in your current printer and then a PCL XL error occurs. You should update your printer driver to rule out this as the cause of the PCL XL error.

    Two different modes can be used to update drivers: manual and automatic.

    Manually: Now you need to update the printer driver by downloading and activating the latest driver, which requires programming skills and time.

    How do you solve unsupported personality PCL?

    Navigate to Setup > Printing > Printer Setup > F8 tab.Select the problematic printer from the list of participants.Select Alternative Printing Method (GDI).Click Update to save your print template selection.

    Automatic: You can do this instantly with Driver Easy if you don’t have the time or patience. Driver Easy can fully identify your device and find the most available media for it.

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