VLC Media Player Taskbar Control Troubleshooter

You may get an error message that says vlc media player taskbar control. Well, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this problem, so we’ll talk about them shortly.

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    How do I get rid of the taskbar while watching VLC?

    How to access the system tray Click Show hidden icons (up arrow). Right click the VLC icon to access all options. On the exact taskbar, click “Hide VLC Media Player” and watch it minimize.

    If customers like to listen to music f Files, but they just want to keep their desktop environment as clean as possible and not have too many windows open, there is a way to send VLC to someone’s taskbar. Open the VLC settings in addition to the default card (interface) and look for the “Show VLC rack icon” option. Whenever you click on this world famous VLC, it will hide from the media if it is not visible. already or it will appear on the desktop when it can be hidden.

    If VLC is minimized, it will appear after recovery, click here. Click again and it will be hidden on the taskbar. By frequently clicking on the VLC icon in the taskbar, the updates will change in the following order: from minimized to actually restored, then hidden in this drawer, then restored.

    Please note that even though VLC is hidden in the table, you won’t be able to control it with the video keys on your keyboard, but if you want to use the global VLC hotkeys in the host program’s settings, they will do so before. .

    vlc media player taskbar control

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    When the VLC media player is in full screen mode, the toolbar may appear when moving the mouse.

    How do I customize VLC toolbar?

    The client just needs to go to “Tools” > “Customize User Interface”. From the user interface or the toolbar editor, you can move parts of obsolete hardware, add new buttons, and remove unwanted ones. You can also customize the toolbar at any time and customize the full screen buttons separately.

    They all show you how to disable the Alexa toolbar in full screen mode.

    1. With VLC Media Player open, select the Tools menu, then Preferences.
    2. Under the Interface menu, deselect Show Controls in Last Full Screen.
    3. Click Save to apply the changes.
    4. The toolbar can no longer fill the entire screen.
    1. Double-click a verified video or
    2. Choose Video > Full Screen

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  • The taskbar is usually found at the bottom of the screen in Windows 10, where you can see the currently popular apps, as well as the taskbar, which contains information such as battery life, sound icon, network icon, work, etc. e.


    The taskbar is outlined in red

    How do I control taskbar icons?

    Pinning apps to the taskbar Click the “Start Management” button and right-click on a known app or tile. Select More > Pin to taskbar to pin the mobile app to the Windows taskbar. To get it, right-click the button on the taskbar and select Unpin from taskbar.

    Although part of the taskbar remains visible to all of these applications and opens on my system, Windows automatically hides it when you launch an application that normally runs in full screen, for example, when we open Youtube in full screen, you are in control of the video player. For example, VLC Golf Player or start a music video game.

    It may happen that the taskbar is not hidden when running a full-screen program. This can be especially problematic for you when you are playing a video game or watching a new movie in high resolution. m quality.

    Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding

    This is possible due to a number of variables, including Windows user settings or applications interfering with the display, etc. On this page, we will discuss various ways to solve the problem.

    Solution 1: Restart Windows Explorer

    Screenshot 577×5001

    If the Windows 10 app or notification system is interfering with this kiosk mode, the best way to fix it is through Windows Explorer.

    1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
    2. Launch Windows Explorer under Invoice (which will be open by default).
    3. Right-click Windows Explorer and select Restart.

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  • This trick almost always solves the problem. If you’re still having problems, continue with the fixes below.

    Solution 2: Use The F11 Function Key For Full Screen

    Another easy way to quickly hide the taskbar in full screen mode is to use theat F11. Works for all versions of windows. For example, when watching a video in the VLC media player, press the F11 key to put it in full screen mode and be able to hide it in the taskbar.

    The F11 key works with most applications, including web browsers that require Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

    Multiple Solutions: Set Windows To Auto-Hide Part Of The Taskbar

    Fixed an issue where the Windows 10 taskbar was not hiding in Windows Settings
    vlc media player taskbar control

    Windows offers users the ability to automatically hide the taskbar when it loses focus. You can make the taskbar visible a second time by dragging the mouse pointer down the screen.

    This treatment also hides the taskbar for applications that do not require full screen format. This allows you to have much more screen space to get your work done.

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